Repurchase Guarantee

Choosing the right charging cable for your electric or hybrid car can be a challenge. A long cable is necessary if the charging station is further away, but when the car can be parked directly next to the charging station, it is in the way. A spiral cable is convenient to use, but takes up more space in the trunk.

Only when you use the cable in daily life will you know whether you have made the right choice.

But what if circumstances change? The charging station at your new job or home is a lot further away. You buy a new car with a different connection or perhaps your lease contract has expired and you simply no longer need the cable.

Our buy-back guarantee offers the solution!

Easy said; If your circumstances change or you no longer need the charging cable, we are guaranteed to buy it back.

How does it work?

The price we pay for your cable depends on how long ago you bought the cable and is a percentage of the original purchase price. The table below makes clear how much we will refund you for cable used for you:

Time since purchase Amount at payout Amount when buying a new cable
0 - 6 months 60% of the purchase amount 65% of the purchase amount
6 - 12 months 50% of the purchase amount 55% of the purchase amount
12 - 18 months 40% of the purchase amount 45% of the purchase amount
18 - 24 months 30% of the purchase amount 35% of the purchase amount
> 2 years 25% of the purchase amount

30% of the purchase amount


An example

You have purchased a 5 meter 16A spiral cable for € 209.95. 7 months later you decide to return the cable to us. We will transfer € 104.98 to your bank account or give a discount of € 115,47 when purchasing a new charging cable.

I want my cable sell back

Have you bought a cable from us and would you like to resell it? Then go to the contact page and let us know.

Preferably give us your original order number and tell us the condition of the cable. In addition, we would also like to hear whether you want to receive the amount back or buy a new cable.

As soon as we have received this information, we will let you know how much you can receive in return for your cable. This way you have clarity before you send the cable back to us.

Terms & conditions

There is no fine print. We guarantee that we will buy back any cable purchased from us. There are a number of basic rules that apply to the buy-back guarantee.

  • The cable must be returned in working order.
    To be able to repurchase the cable from you, it must function as it did at the time of purchase. All cables are tested.

  • The cable must be in good condition.
    We do not expect any new condition. But just a neat condition for the age of the cable. Discoloration and scratches: No problem. A cable repaired with duct tape? No not at all..

  • You must return the cable
    The cable must be sent to us by yourself. The shipping costs for this are for your account.

  • We will pay as soon as the cable is received back
    Once we have received and tested your cable, we will contact you for a refund according to the table above. If there is something wrong with the cable, it can be returned to you on request. We charge € 6,95 shipping costs for this.

  • Prices can be adjusted
    We reserve the right to change the redemption price or percentages at any time based on market conditions. You can always find the current prices on this page. Before you send the cable back to us, you will always receive the correct price, so that you know where you stand.

  • Your legal rights remain intact
    This buy-back guarantee does not affect your normal guarantee. Is there something wrong with your purchase or do you want to return it within 30 days? Please contact us so we can arrange it for you.
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