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Alfen Eve Single Pro line

charging station

10 - 15 working days

Power :
Load balancing :

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Alfen single pro line socket variant

Alfen's Single Pro-line is a compact charger with advanced smart functions, designed for integration and maximum charging speeds. The charger is equipped with an integrated RFID reader, which supports user identification and has a MID meter for settlement of transaction costs. It also has a full color 3,5" color display that can be configured in different languages. The Alfen single pro line is robust, safe and reliable. The charger is perfect for home use, but also suitable for business use. It can be mounted on the wall as being mounted on a pole.

Load balancing

The charger is prepared for load balancing, 32A charging, Smart Charging and business kWh settlement. The charger is manufactured in the Netherlands and is known as very reliable and reliable. Load balancing looks at the available capacity of the main connection and deducts the current consumption of the household/office from this. This ensures that your EV always charges at maximum capacity without overloading the main connection.

Load balancing works with the Alfen charger in combination with a smart meter. The smart meter must be at least (E)SMR 4.0.7 for load balancing. In addition, it is important that there is a free P1 port. Load balancing is important now and in the future. This is because your meter box is protected against overload.

Load balancing can be purchased optionally with the charger. This is in the form of a license. The physical connection between the charger and the smart meter takes place via a data cable. (DSMR 4.2 and above)


Alfen chargers can be used without a subscription. Without a subscription, the charger does not provide any insight into charging sessions and there is no option for business settlement of privately purchased electricity. If you do not need a business settlement and the car is therefore only used for private purposes, you do not need a subscription. kWhs are not stored in the charger and the charging station charges immediately when you plug it in. (plug and charge).

If you want to use an Alfen charger at home to charge your business car (settlement of business electricity costs), then it is important that you choose the RFID variant. The RFID variant ensures that there is an activated card reader in the charging station. This card reader provides a connection to a charge card. In addition to a card reader, you must also choose a party that arranges the settlement, for example E-Flux.


  • Very small modern housing
  • Charging capacity 3,7kW to 22kW
  • Socket or fixed cable of 5 or 8 meters
  • Fixed cable type 1 or 2 (type 2 plug holder integrated)
  • Mount on the wall or freestanding with optional mounting pole
  • Dynamic load balancing possible through cooperation with smart meters
  • Full color 3,5" color display
  • Includes RFID card reader
  • Display configurable in different languages
  • Standard energy meter for calculating electricity
  • SIM lock free: free choice for the provider of charging services
  • Sign in with charge card
  • Plug & Charge
  • European A-quality: a solid and high-quality product


Alfen is an international company with Dutch roots that deals with innovative products and projects within the electrical energy world. In the early years of the company, Alfen mainly produced switchgear. Over the years, Alfen has grown into an important international spider in the web when it comes to energy. In 2019, they delivered more than 37.000 charging systems across Europe.

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Load capacity 22 kw
Delivery 10 - 15 working days
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