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Besen  |  SKU: B20-BA-11KW

Besen Type 2 Charging Pole - Charging Station with Socket

$435.55 $490.13

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  • -Load capacity of up to 22 kW
  • -With app secured loading and load capacity change
  • -With LCD for real time monitoring of charging session
  • -Waterproof and suitable for outdoor use thanks to IP66
  • -Temperature monitoring during charging session for extra safe charging


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At EV Plug, we connect you directly with professional reliable installation partners in the Netherlands and Belgium. Simply fill out the application form, receive a customized quote and enjoy worry-free charging soon.

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Plus points

  • App variant can schedule charging sessions, view and export charging data

  • With LCD screen to view charging data in real time

  • Built-in ground fault, overvoltage, undervoltage and overheating protection

  • Charging station with best protection against water thanks to IP66 certification

  • Met socket waar zowel type 1 als type 2 laadkabels in passen


  • Does not work in power grids without neutral
  • The app variant requires strong wifi signal for wifi connection

  • Brightness of LCD screen cannot be dimmed

Product Description

Socket voor alle laadkabels

In tegenstelling tot de Besen laadstation met vaste type 2 laadkabel, heeft deze variant een socket waar elke laadkabel in past. Hierdoor is het mogelijk om zowel type 1 als type 2 auto’s op te laden, mits u de juiste laadkabel bij de hand heeft. Heeft u dus twee elektrische auto’s met verschillende types? Dan is een laadstation met socket voor u de beste keuze.

Note: The Besen charging station is unfortunately not suitable for the Renault Zoe.

Load capacity of up to 22 kW

Het Besen-laadstation met socket is verkrijgbaar in de 11 kW tot 22 kW, net als de app variant met socket. Ondanks dat het een 3-fase laadstation is, kunt u de Besen socket variant ook aansluiten en gebruiken op uw 1-fase aansluiting.

Let op: Om gebruik te maken van 3 fase 22kW, moet u aan deze twee voorwaarden voldoen:

1. The meter box must be adjusted with your system operator.

2. The EV's onboard charger must be able to receive the desired charging power.

Higher IP protection than other charging stations

De meeste laadstations hebben een IP-certificering van IP54. Dit is voldoende om buiten gebruikt te worden, maar Besen zet graag dat stapje verder. Zij hebben de behuizing nog waterdichter gemaakt en een IP66 certificering ontvangen. Dit hebben zij mogelijk gemaakt door vooraf een korte voedingskabel (~50 tot 150cm) aan het laadstation te verbinden en daarna de behuizing daar omheen waterdicht te maken.

Om verbinding met de meterkast te maken, moet deze korte voedingskabel wel via een lasdoos verlengt worden met een andere voedingskabel, waarvan het einde in de meterkast wordt bevestigd. Dit is echter geen probleem voor de installateurs van onze partner Laadunie!

Real time monitoring on LCD screen

Through the convenient LCD display, you can see at a glance the real-time data of your charging session, such as consumption and current charging power.

Additional security

The Besen charging station is protected in several ways. For example, the charging station has integrated protection for overheating, DC leakage protection, overloading and underloading. This protects your meter box, charging station and electric car.

Basic variant

Het laadvermogen van de basis variant is afhankelijk van het maximale laadvermogen dat uw elektrische auto aan kan. Het laadvermogen kan niet worden aangepast. Hierdoor bent u wel altijd zeker dat uw elektrische auto met optimale laadsnelheid wordt opgeladen.

App variant

The Besen charging station with app gives you the option to manually adjust charging power through the app, read back charging sessions and schedule charging sessions with the "delayed charging" feature. Furthermore, thanks to the app, your Besen charging station is secure and cannot be used by others who do not have access to the application.

Check your meter box in Belgium

Om het Besen type 2 laadstation aan te sluiten, moet er een neutrale draad in uw meterkast aanwezig zijn. Helaas is dit niet altijd het geval in Belgische huishoudens. Voor meer informatie en hulp hierover, kunt u altijd contact opnemen met onze klantenservice.

Below is an "unboxing video.


  • Dimensions
  • Protection class
    IP66 and IK10
  • Charging mode
    Mode 3 (IEC 61851-1)
  • LCD screen/display
    Yes, with color display
  • Socket
  • Type of vehicle
    Type 1, Type 2
  • Max. Load Capacity 1 Phase
    11 kW
  • Max. Load Capacity 3 Phase
    22 kW
  • Power supply/Net voltage
    up to 32 amps
  • Load Balancing
  • Smart Charging
  • RFID
  • Security
    Via App (Optioneel)
  • Charging consumption insight
    Yes, Via App Variant
  • Claiming expenses
  • Wifi
    Yes with App Variant
  • Bluetooth
    Yes with App Variant
  • 4G
  • Eco-Smart
  • Charging station color
  • Warranty
    2 years



Wilt u meer weren over de Besen Type 2 Laadpaal - Laadstation met Socket, of heeft u hulp nodig bij het gebruik van deze lader? Bekijk dan hier de handleiding.

PDFHandleiding Besen Socket LaadstationDownload

PDFHandleiding Besen AppDownload

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Meer over de Besen Type 2 Laadpaal - Laadstation met Socket

About Besen

Besen is a Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicle charging solutions. Besen is known for its high-quality EV products with an attractive price tag. The company has built a strong reputation by combining quality with affordability.

An example of the excellent quality is that all of Besen's EV plugs are molded instead of screwed. This makes the plug more durable without incurring high costs. Indeed, Besen understands the needs of consumers and businesses looking for cost-effective charging infrastructure. They strive to make electric driving accessible to a wider audience by providing reliable charging solutions at an affordable price.

Basic variant

The basic variant, depending on which kW you choose, always charges at the maximum charging power your car's onboard charger can handle. There is an onboard charger in every electric car. This system determines how many kW your car battery can receive without overcharging. So if you have a charging station that can charge 22 kW, but your car has an onboard charger that can receive a maximum of 11 kW, the charging station will never charge more than 11 kW. Because this charging station always bases the charging power on what your car can handle, it is important that you yourself take into account the power your power connection provides. If you choose too much power for charging, your connection can be overloaded and the fuses will blow. So with this choice, always take into account whether there is enough power in the meter box and choose a charging station with kW that does not exceed your power capacity.

If you need help with this, please contact our customer service team. We fully understand that it can be a tricky subject and are happy to help!

The basic variant is CE as well as TUV, FCC, CSA and RoHS certified.

App variant (Bluetooth)

Want a secure charging station with more features than the RFID variant? Then the app variant is your favorite choice. With the EVSEMaster app you can easily read back charging sessions on your mobile, tablet or desktop, schedule charging sessions thanks to "delayed charging" and change the charging capacity in amps. The lowest charging capacity is 6 amps (1.4 kW) and the highest is 16 (11 kW) or 32 amps (7.4 kW on 1 phase or 22 kW on 3 phase). A Besen Type 2 charging station with app has the most features of all the variants. With the app, charging is secured, as is RFID, but it is also possible to read back charging sessions and export them. Furthermore, the app allows you to set what times you want to charge and change the charging power in amps conveniently and quickly. Multiple people can be logged in and use the app, just not at the same time.

The app variant is available with a 1-phase 7.4 kW, 3-phase 11 kW and 3-phase 22 kW charging capacity. Furthermore, the app variant is also CE certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important considerations when buying a home charging station?

When purchasing a home charging station, it is essential to consider factors such as the charging capacity of the station, the available connection capacity in your home and the location of the charging station. Make sure your charging station meets the specifications of your electric vehicle and that the installation location is suitable.

What subsidies or financial assistance are available for purchasing a charging station?

Various subsidies and schemes are available in the Netherlands to support the purchase of charging stations. These include the Electric Driving in Business Market Subsidy Scheme (SEZ), Sustainable Energy Investment Subsidy (ISDE), and tax benefits such as the MIA (Environmental Investment Allowance) and VAMIL (Random Depreciation of Environmental Investments). Consult the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) for up-to-date information.

How can I install a charging station and what are the installation costs?

Installing a charging station usually requires a licensed installer. Installation costs vary depending on factors such as the distance from the electrical grid, the excavation work required and any modifications to the electrical system in the home. Average costs are between €500 and €1,500, but this can vary.

Are there different types of charging stations available and which one is most suitable for my needs?

Yes, there are several types of charging stations available, including regular home chargers, fast chargers and public charging stations. The choice depends on your specific needs. For daily home charging, a normal home charger up to a maximum of 22kW is usually sufficient. Fast chargers are convenient for on the road, while public charging stations are available at public locations.

What are the maintenance requirements for a charging station and how can I troubleshoot technical issues?

Charging posts generally require little maintenance. Regular visual inspections and keeping the connection clean can help. In case of technical problems, contact the manufacturer or a licensed installer for repairs. Many charging stations also have built-in monitoring systems to report any malfunctions.