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Wallbox Pulsar Max Charging Station - 3-Phase 22 kW + Cable

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Product information:

The Wallbox Pulsar Max is one of our most versatile home chargers with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other smart features. This is a suitable option for cars with different payloads. The charging capacity is determined by the on-board charger of the battery in your car and by your mains connection.

The Wallbox Pulsar Max Charging Station has a compact and elegant design. The charging point is very convenient to control via an APP. This charging station comes standard with a gintegrated fixed type 2 charging cable and is available in a white or black color.

Applicable to 1-phase and 3-phase connections

This smart Wallbox charging station is suitable for charging your car with up to 3x16A (11 kW) or 3x32A (22 kW), but you can set this in values ​​between 6A and 32A so that this charging station is perfectly applicable to any mains connection and can deliver different charging capacities. So you can charge any electric car with this!

The Wallbox Pulsar Max supports both 1-phase and 3-phase charging and is compatible with 1-phase and 3-phase electricity connections.

Advantages of Wallbox Pulsar Max:

  • No subscription for the use of charge point management and app services
  • Includes fixed Type 2 charging cable
  • Connection with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Connectivity via the Wallbox app
  • Lower installation costs due to integrated DC detection
  • Expandable with Dynamic Load Balancing
  • Set off charging costs with company or employer via our partner:

No subscription, but connectivity

This charger does not require a back office subscription. Management is possible via the Wallbox app, via the myWallbox portal, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

myWallbox portal

Configure, monitor and manage your Pulsar Max from the myWallbox portal via a mobile app or the web portal. With the myWallbox portal you get real-time information about consumption, charging time and energy costs. You can set the charging power and lock (and unlock) the charging station to prevent misuse.

Wallbox app for smartphone and tablet

You can view and manage all device settings from your mobile phone or tablet via the Wallbox app. The functions of the app include setting the charging current, locking and unlocking the charging station, scheduling charging sessions (for example, when the energy price is lower) and more.

Schedule charging sessions

You can schedule charging with your Wallbox Pulsar Max. You can use the app to set the times at which your charger may or may not actively charge. For example, if you use peak and off-peak rates for your energy purchase, you can set your car to charge only during off-peak rates. This allows you to charge your electric car at a lower rate.

Dynamic Load Balancing with the optional Power Boost function

The Power Boost function ensures that you use the maximum residual current within your current electricity connection for charging your car as quickly as possible. And all this without having to worry about your fuses or the main fuse blowing out. Is your washing machine on? Then the car charges less quickly. In practice, the charging station is in continuous contact with a smart module in the meter cupboard. This module continuously monitors how much power is available at that moment. All electrical appliances in the house have priority over the charging station. The remaining capacity is available for charging the car. In this way, safe and optimal use is made of the power connection and overload is prevented.

Other Specifications:

- Total size: 198x201x99mm
- User interface: myWallbox Portal, Wallbox App
- DC leakage protection: Yes
- Plug standard: Type 2
- Maximum current: 32A, 5x6 mm² cable
- Charging cable length: 5 or 7 meters
- Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB): External RCD required

- 1 phase 16A (3.7kW)
- 1 phase 32A (7.4kW)
- 3 phase 16A (11kW)
- 3 phase 32A (22kW)

Installation charging station:
It is advisable to have a charging station installed by a certified electrician. An installation of a charging station normally includes adjusting and expanding the group box (extra group + earth leakage circuit breaker), cabling to the charging station, installing and delivering the charging station.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
A Beeloo
Review delivery still needs to be mounted

Looks great! Too bad there is no cable for connection to the meter box. That is really a complete package 😊

Show Bogers
Good charger

Great charger. The app is a bit minimalistic. BV voltage and current (per phase) are not displayed.
Time settings for scheduled charging are good.

Peter Strauven

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Charging station - 1 or 3-phase - 7.4 or 11 kW or 22 kW + Cable

Ruud Dijkstra
Excellent car charger and delivered quickly

Wallbox chargers are a good combination in combination with a load balance.
Several chargers have been connected in the meantime, but I cannot connect these until next week and foresee no problems with the pulsar Max

Habdlhakim Jaouhar

Everything went perfectly, all questions were answered correctly and wallbox does what it should do

Load capacity 22 kw
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