Which charging cable should I choose?

Every electric and hybrid car needs different charging cables depending on the car model. Several properties are important when selecting a charging cable:

  • Connection type
  • Load capacity
  • Length
  • Quality and Warranty

Connection type

It is important to determine for which type of connection your car is suitable. There are two types of connection on the car side:

  • Type 1 'Yakazi'
    This connector has 5 pins
  • Type 2 'Mennekes'
    This connector has 7 pins

Electrical Car connection Type 1 or Type 2

European car brands generally have a Typ2 Mennekes connection which is currently used as standard.

Some American and Japanese car brands must be charged with a Yakazi 1 charging cable. The type of connection can differ per brand and sometimes even within the same model of a brand.

When purchasing a charging cable, pay close attention to which type is suitable for your electric or hybrid car.

You can always choose the right cable for your car via our website. If you can't figure it out, you can of course always contact Contact us.

Load capacity

The maximum power of the charging cable can have a major impact on the charging time of an electric car. The payload is determined/limited by 3 factors:

  • charging station
  • Charging cable
  • Car charger itself

A practical example: suppose you have a car that can charge at 3x16A (11kW). The charging station has a capacity of 3x32A (22kW). And the charging cable has a capacity of 1x32A (7,4kW).

In the above situation you can charge the car at only 1x16A (3,7kW). How is that possible? Although the car can charge on 3x16A (11kW), and the charging station can also handle this power, the 'wrong' cable has been chosen. A 1x32A (7,4kW) cannot charge on 3 phases.

On Select your car on the main page to see which charging cables are most suitable. Need advice? Then of course you can always contact Contact us.


Our range consists of cables from 5 to 10 meters in length. If you often visit different places where you do not know exactly what the situation is, then it is useful to opt for a somewhat longer charging cable. If you only use the charging cable at home or at work, 5 meters is often sufficient.

In addition to the length, you can also choose from a straight or a spiral charging cable. The advantage of a spiral charging cable is that it does not hang over the ground. This keeps the cable clean, and there is less wear and tear.

Quality and Service

Water resistance

All cables sold have a IP54 protection. This makes the cable waterproof and resistant to dirt.

Cable type

All cables are standard TPE cables are very good cables.
TPU cables are softer and more flexible, making them more manageable.


All cables have a 2 year warranty.

Our charging cables have a carry-in guarantee which means that you can send the cable in so that we can check / repair it.

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